Jan Marie - Artist


I was born and raised in Wisconsin and have lived in Colorado as well but now I am enjoying Arizona.


I was fortunate that both my parents had natural gifting in the arts - my mom used her gift in homemaking - sewing, decorating, florals - giving many gifts over the years to family and friends.  My father was an Engineer Technician - he worked on drafting and CAD - he also loved to remodel and build things, landscaping. No wonder everyone always thought my family was well off because our home was dressed to the nines!


As an artist since my youth - I always been interested in colors, creation, people and using a variety of mediums - from Textiles to Paintings to 3 Dimensional to Photography to Graphic Arts. There is always an exciting way to look at life around you. While I am a firm believer as an Artist it is vital to master Realism to be able to replicate what is seen with the natural eye - it is also important to be creative in the expression of what we see in ways to show how we feel, create a mood or express a message.


I love to first ask the Lord to direct me as I paint or do anything for that matter since I am also a strong believer - He has never sent me in the wrong direction.


I am so thankful to have this gift from God - I am also thankful that He has given this gift to each of my adult children - always amazing how they use their gifts! My son David has gone home before us and it enjoying creating for the Father in Heaven! I can only imagine how awesome that is!


It is my hope that the creations I produce bring joy to others and will find a prominent place in their hearts and homes and businesses.


God Bless You!

Jan Marie



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